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Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Me and My Camera

This is me and my camera, Canon EOS 450D. Nice and small-sized camera with good result. Meandcamera Most of my photos on this blog was taken by 450D.

I started taking pictures when i was 22. So, i am a little bit late to start photography as my hobby. My first camera was Fuji xxx (i don’t remember the type), it was an analog camera and a very cheap one. But, it built my interest in photography.  My second camera is Fuji Finepix S-306, my first digital camera with 3,1 megapixel. I was very satisfied with the photos taken with S-306. I still have it and still in good condition. Later, i bought a bridge camera – actually i wanted a D-SLR but i still hesitated wether i can use it or not – Fuji Finepix S9500 9.0 megapixels with a superzoom lens covering 28-300 mm (10.7 x optical zoom). I am very happy using this camera, the features almost like a beginner’s D-SLR camera.

After using S9500 almost a year, i bought Canon EOS 450 D. My first D-SLR and i’m very happy to have this camera. And i bought accessories one by one, such as Tamron lens, flash light, filters, and i’m planning to buy Tokina 11-16 mm f/2.8. It’s my dream.

Photography is my hobby, it helps me relieving my stress from my daily activity.

So, please enjoy my photos, eventhough they aren’t very nice. So, please give your comment so i can improve my skill. Thanks.

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